How Does Chiropractic Care Help?

Here at Sandstone Chiropractic we are proud to offer the best chiropractic technology on the market today, as well as multiple chiropractic techniques to best suit our patients needs.

As Montgomery, Magnolia and Conroe chiropractors our most rewarding cases involve…

Disc Herniations

Whether you are suffering with disc ruptures in the neck or lower back, we offer the most complete and advanced programs for the non-surgical treatment of these very common conditions. By employing the latest technologies and more than a decade of experience, our patients are reassured that effective options other than surgery exist.

Headaches and Migraines

It has been shown that almost 90% of headaches are generated from the neck, directly or indirectly. We love these types of cases simply because we are successful when other methods have failed or simply allow you to live with the condition. There is no need to continue to suffer with something so consuming as chronic migraines or headaches.

Carpal Tunnel

Although surgical procedures for carpal tunnel have become less invasive, nothing compares to providing the most natural and effective program of care to allow the body to naturally recover from this painful condition. Furthermore, the neck is often overlooked as the source of the numbness and tingling in the hand. Our office takes into account every possible source or cause of your problem so that the most effective program of care can be implemented for your recovery.

Sports Injuries

Are chiropractors trained to address shoulder, knee, and the various other types of sports injuries that occur to the athlete and “weekend warrior” alike? In this office we certainly are well versed and experienced. With more than 14 years experience as a sports chiropractor, we enjoy getting our athletes and active patients back-in-action as soon as possible!
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Why X-rays?xray_standing

Both visible light and X-rays consist of photon particles conveyed over electromagnetic energy. When carefully controlled, this energy can be used to reveal the internal structure of the body. We find these pictures quite helpful:

  • Provide a structural record of your spine
  • Locate fractures or other signs of trauma
  • Identify evidence of long term spinal degeneration
  • Confirm other examination findings
Interestingly, X-rays were discovered soon after the first chiropractic adjustment in 1895. Wilhelm Roentgen, a German physics professor, was experimenting with cathode ray tubes and discovered that an object across the room began to glow. Much to his surprise, when he placed his hand between the tube and the glowing barium screen, he was able to see the bones of his hand.
From those crude beginnings over a century ago, both chiropractic and X-ray imaging have come a long way. Today, the chiropractic profession is a leader in the reduction of X-ray exposure and patient safety.

  • We take only the most necessary viewsroentgen
  • Use the most up to date equipment
  • Intensification screens reduce energy used
  • Filtration removes unneeded frequencies
  • Collimation narrows the energy beam
  • Sensitive films shorten exposure time
  • Shielding protects sensitive body parts
  • Equipment is regularly inspected