We could all use better posture in our daily lives. From the way we sit to the way we stand, our bodies are mechanically programmed to follow a path of least resistance. Bad habits caused by improper footwear, poor ergonomics or simple laziness can leave us with low back and neck pain, leg and arm pain, or chronic syndromes that reduce our ability to function in our daily lives. Fortunately, there are state of the art ways to perfect posture that are readily available.

Whole Body Vibration

Change is difficult, especially when it comes to correcting a habit we have developed over the course of several years. Fortunately, whole body vibration is a painless, non-invasive process that stimulates the nervous system to begin creating measurable change in a person’s posture. A whole body vibration machine looks like a scale with handles for balance and a plate that vibrates at different frequencies. When combined with specific rehabilitation exercises, whole body vibration can help create a stronger core that maintains a person’s proper posture.


Spinal Decompression

For those who have spent their careers in one chair or another, back pain that happens as a result of spinal disc compression and degeneration is a common complaint. Traditionally, surgeons remove the portion of the disc that is pressing on the nerve, causing pain. While surgery can offer some relief, it is not the only treatment for this condition. Spinal decompression is a low-force traction device that allows the spaces between the bones of the spine to open up and the discs to return to their proper position. Computer programs designed for the patient’s weight, age, pain level, and condition are used to offer effective pain relief without going under the knife. When combined with rehabilitation exercise, spinal decompression has been shown to alleviate pain associated with poor posture in as few as six treatments.

Chiropractic Care

Even though chiropractic care has been part of the public consciousness for more than a century, the techniques used to realign the spine have changed with the available technology. Today, skilled chiropractors use a variety of instruments to provide targeted adjustments without the popping, cracking, or forceful techniques that dominated chiropractic for more than a century. Using the Arthrostim┬« device, chiropractors can exert a specific amount of pressure to a joint. From a few ounces to more than 40 pounds, this device promotes the body’s realignment without signaling distress to the body. Similarly, the torque release technique uses an instrument called an “Integrator” to deliver a low force corrective message to the body, normalizing the messages received by the brain and spinal cord. This is especially important as you work to create new postural habits. Rather than receiving these messages as pain and discomfort, the Integrator allows the body to adjust to the new positioning and perceive it as “normal”.

Sandstone Chiropractic offers not only these state-of-the-art ways to perfect your posture, but also rehabilitation services, neurofeedback, cryotherapy, and rapid release technology. 

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