It’s almost a New Year and exciting things are happening at Sandstone Chiropractic. Not only are we committed to helping you reach your health, wellness and fitness goals this year, we are adding three exciting new services to our comprehensive wellness offerings! 

Annual Wellness Exams

Start the new year right with a comprehensive wellness examination! Sandstone Chiropractic now offers regular wellness checkups that not only help you discover any potential health problems, but establish a baseline for your new year’s goals. Your wellness exam will include vital sign monitoring, examination of your mobility, flexibility, muscles and joints, and necessary blood work to determine how healthy you really are. You would never dream of driving your car without regular maintenance. Consider your wellness exam annual maintenance on your most important asset – you!

Genetic Testing

Have you ever wondered what your cells are trying to tell you? Find out with our new array of exciting genetic testing options. Sandstone Chiropractic now offers four genetic tests that can reveal how genetics are affecting your health. Discover deficiencies of more than 36 essential vitamins and minerals with our Micronutrient Testing. Find out your cellular age as opposed to your chronological age with Telomere testing. Determine your risk for Alzheimer’s disease with APOe Gene Testing. Our Cardio-Metabolic Test will even measure markers of inflammation in your body that determine your risk for heart disease and Type II diabetes. 

Each genetic test is performed by extracting a small vial of blood to be analyzed by state of the art laboratories. Once we receive your results, we will sit down with you and discuss ways to improve your health and help you beat your genetic predisposition to disease, obesity, fatigue, or even aging.

Stem Cell Injections

You can’t turn on the news without seeing developments in stem cell research. These undifferentiated cells exist everywhere in your body and lie in wait to repair tissue in your organs, muscles and bones. But what happens when these cells are not available in large enough numbers to repair soft tissue damage to your joints and ligaments? Is surgery your only option?

Not anymore with Sandstone Chiropractic’s stem cell injections. Large quantities of clean stem cells are injected into damaged soft tissue in your body that then go to work to repair damaged tendons, ligaments, cartilage, or fluid-filled sacs that are causing pain in your joints. These stem cells are immunoprivileged, meaning there is no risk of rejection by your body. You can experience the healing power of the human body without surgery, invasive procedures or long recovery times. 

There is no better time than the new year to take control of your health. Let Sandstone Chiropractic help you reach your New Year’s goals and keep your resolutions with our full array of wellness options. If you are interested in any of our new services call Sandstone or schedule your comprehensive exam with x-rays online.