sallyomalley.gif“But” is one of the most commonly used words when it comes to physical fitness.

“I know I should exercise BUT I don’t have time.”

“Exercise is great BUT I hurt my back a long time ago…”

“I feel good when I work out BUT I am so sore afterward…”

While the health benefits of exercise at any age are well documented, it is often hard to begin a new physical fitness regimen that will ultimately become your lifestyle. Aches and pains, joint soreness, muscle stiffness, and exhaustion all seem to go hand in hand with getting in shape. Not so! In reality, your body can perform at optimum levels with minimum amounts of soreness, stiffness or pain with just a little help from health and wellness professionals.

3 Keys to Fitness After 50

Chiropractic Care

It is well documented that chiropractic care not only relieves pain in your neck and back, but it can also offer pain relief throughout the rest of your body. Since the entire nervous system originates in the brain and spine, pain in the arms, hands, legs, knees, and feet can be relieved simply by allowing the nerves to communicate more effectively. This does not necessarily mean you will need a forceful adjustment to bring your body back into alignment. Many chiropractic techniques include low-force, targeted, computer assisted adjustments that provide realignment without the bending, twisting or cracking so often associated with an adjustment.

Foot Levelers

As is often the case in the body, pain in one part often requires an adjustment in another. People who experience pain in their low back, hips, knees, legs or feet often do so because they are either wearing the wrong shoes or do not have adequate support and balance in their feet. Foot levelers are shoe inserts that are created based on a map of the foot. They provide better balance while relieving high-pressure areas in the feet that cause the body to compensate in other areas. Many people find that they are able to walk better, run faster and dance longer without pain once they begin wearing foot levelers on a regular basis.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy is used by world class athletes around the world to speed recovery after particularly difficult training sessions. It is also used by everyday people who are just beginning their fitness journey and are tired of sore muscles and stiff joints. Patients wear light clothing and stand inside a cryotherapy chamber. In just three minutes, total body inflammation is reduced and patients experience an endorphin release that leaves them feeling happy and well. What’s more, cryotherapy improves circulation of red blood cells that speed healing and improves the quality of sleep a person gets. As an added bonus, it burns up to 500 calories!

While starting a life-long fitness journey may seem like a daunting task, it is important to remember two things. First, there is power in doing something “again”. Once you stop starting over, you will find that you find comfort in the routine. Second, you don’t have to suffer through the aches and pains that go along with exercise. Chiropractic care, foot levelers, and whole body cryotherapy can help you recover faster and establish a habit of exercising without pain.

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