Your abs are more than just a six-pack. Abdominal muscles have several very important jobs in the body like regulating abdominal pressure internally so that organs stay in place and allow for movement of the trunk and pelvis. They also keep your body in balance and do wonders for your back health.

But do you know why abdominal muscles are important to spine function?

Read on.

What is Your Core?

Your back muscles and abdominal muscles work together to form your “core” muscles. It is your core that stabilizes your body, starting with your spine. It is the foundation for just about everything that you do from walking to dancing to giving birth.

When your core is solid and strong your body is strong. It gives you greater mobility no matter your age.

Your core muscles are what help you turn over in bed. So, if your core is weak, you may need assistance turning over or getting out of bed. This is quite common among older people who may not be as active and their core has weakened over time.

A Strong Core Can Prevent Back Pain

Building a strong core can help support your spine so that your back muscles aren’t doing all the work. Think about all the pressure your spine is under. It holds up your body and keeps it upright. Many movements you make involve your spine in some way. So, having a good, strong core is very necessary. If your back muscles are doing the job alone and supporting your spine without any help from your abs, it can lead to back pain.

Plus, your vertebral joints function properly when your core is strong which means less chance of back pain from inflammation in those joints.

Three Things Core Muscles Do for Your Back Health

When your abs and back muscles work together and are strong, they can do great things for your back. There are three main benefits for your back when you have a strong core:

  1. Stabilize and Support the Spine – Your abdominal muscles help your spine maintain its proper curvature as well as keep the pelvis correctly tilted. Both of these not only keep the spine stabilized and supported, but they also prevent back pain.
  2. Keep the Spine and Body Balanced – Contracting your ab muscles increases the pressure in your abdominal cavity. This works to lift pressure and weight off of your spine and keeps it balanced. Weight in the front of your body such as a protruding belly can throw off your balance, not to mention cause lower back pain. But pulling in those abs shifts the weight back and increases the support so your balance improves.
  3. Protect the Spine – Your abs also protect your spine by keeping it supported. If your back muscles are weak or injured, your abs can take over and provide support and protection from injury.

The human body is a wonderful, incredible machine! When you take care of it, it will take care of you. If you would like to learn more about strengthening your core muscles or if you just want to ease your aching back, Sandstone Chiropractic can help. Call us today or request an appointment online and put back pain in your rearview mirror.