Being a mom is one of the best jobs on the planet! You get to raise a tiny person and help them find their way in the world. It’s a huge undertaking and the rewards are incredible.

While you are enjoying your little bundle of joy, you may find that you have a few more aches and pains than you did before, especially in your back. Mom Back is a common complaint with mothers whether they have one child or enough to have their own baseball team.

If you’re a mom and you’ve been experiencing some back pain, here’s why it happens as well as some information that can help you get relief.

The Whole Pregnancy Thing

Hormonal changes, weight gain, posture changes, body changes, and even muscle separation from an expanding uterus can all contribute to an achy back.

The fact is, pregnancy can be rough on the body. It goes through so much during those nine months and even after delivery as you begin to return to normal. During pregnancy, hormones are released that cause the joints to become looser and the pelvic ligaments to loosen in preparation for birth. This can lead to some back pain and even after birth, it can take a while for everything to return to normal.

Stress, Stress, Stress

Moms love their little ones, no doubt about it. But the truth is, caring for and raising a tiny human can be a wee bit stressful. Sleep deprivation and typical mom worry, plus just adjusting to your new little housemate can create stress in the body that can cause muscle tension in the lower back. You might experience back spasms or back pain that can get pretty intense. It’s one of those not-so-funny things that stress can do to the body.

Doing the Mom Thing

Where to start? Moms do a lot of bending, stooping, and lifting from putting a wriggly baby in a car seat to lifting an infant from its crib, to swooping up a teary toddler so she can kiss a boo-boo. Breastfeeding can also leave you with an achy back as you sit holding your infant for long periods of time. Caring for children takes a lot of energy and strength. It’s tough carrying a baby on your hip (which is not advised!) or chasing after a toddler all day.

Managing Mom Back Pain

There are some things that you can do to prevent back pain or relieve it. If you are a mom who is struggling with an aching back, here are a few tips:

  • Lift with your legs instead of your back
  • Get a pregnancy girdle to lift your stomach so your back doesn’t have to work so hard
  • Ditch the flip-flops – they’re really bad for your feet, legs, and back
  • Put your feet up when you can (We know! We know! But try!)
  • Adjust your posture so you stand straighter
  • Use a body carrier for your infant and not on your hip
  • Apply heat or ice
  • Stretch regularly and get some exercise including exercises that increase your core strength
  • Use a topical pain relief ointment with arnica, camphor, or capsaicin
  • And, you guessed it, see a chiropractor like our skilled, friendly, professional team at Sandstone Chiropractic

If you are dealing with Mom Back, we can help! Make an appointment with one of our chiropractors by calling or scheduling online and let us help you make your aching back feel a whole lot better.