Are you proactive or reactive with your health?

Are you proactive or reactive with your health?

When it comes to their health, people often fall into one of two categories.

They are either reactive or proactive, and we here at Sandstone Chiropractic have seen our fair share of them both.

  • Reactive folks come to see us when they’re in pain and want relief. They’re reacting to an uncomfortable issue or symptom.
  • Proactive people regularly schedule appointments, even when they’re not in pain, with the overall goal of maintaining good health. They are proactively taking preventative measures to keep themselves in tip-top shape.

We dig all our patients, but we have to say the proactive folks are those that typically end up healthier, happier and with far fewer issues down the road.

Check out a few more examples and you can easily see why.

Reactive people get off the couch when someone tells them they should (or it’s time to vacuum beneath the cushions).

Proactive folks get off the couch because they know being active is good for them.

The reactive crew grabs for sugary sweets when they’re under stress.

The proactive group opts for healthy foods, eating when they’re hungry and need it most to keep their stress levels in check.

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