I can tell you exactly where I was the day I decided to change my life.

I had been working on our property, clearing brush, when suddenly my low back seemed to seize up. Overwhelmed and frustrated by years of struggling with low back and neck pain, I decided enough was enough.

My wife and I had started talking about finally building our dream house on a spot of land we loved. I knew if I didn’t get my pain under control, there was no way I would be able to give our family the home we had spent so long working toward. Standing in the yard that day, I decided to give chiropractic care a try. It seemed to be the only shot I had left at a normal, pain-free life.

Where I Started

When I first came to Sandstone, my pain would regularly reach a 7 or 8 level out of 10. 10 years of neck pain had left me with a fusion in my cervical spine. I had tried steroid injection, nerve ablation and physical therapy in an effort to get my low back pain under control. I was still struggling through most of my day. Since so much of my life is spent in my yard, I decided to use that as my barometer. In the beginning, I could work in the yard for about 30 minutes before having to stop because of my pain. Fortunately, Dr. Kempinski had a plan.

Almost Immediate Results

Within the first two weeks of starting treatment, I started to notice more flexibility and less pain in my back and neck. Suddenly, I went from working 30 minutes in my yard to working 2 hours before having to stop. Best of all, Dr. K started giving me tools to manage my pain on my own at home. Sure, I wasn’t where I wanted to be, but the fact that I was starting to see improvement was exciting. As I finished the most intense part of my treatment, I realized building my dream home and working on my land was not only a dream, it was a possibility. And that possibility was exciting.

Gaining Momentum

Dr. K has done a phenomenal job at teaching me how to manage pain and stiffness at home in a way that is safe and effective. Halfway through my second phase of treatment I could work in the yard all day without pain. Even when I would get sore afterward, I could stretch and have relief because of the work I put in at the Sandstone office. But it’s not just in my back that I’m seeing improvement.

After I had the fusion done in my neck, I had a very limited range of motion in addition to pain. Chiropractic adjustments have increased my range of motion and doing stretches at home has helped me keep the mobility between visits. I might be a little stiff after working all day, but I can ice any uncomfortable areas, do the stretches I have been taught, and be ready to go in no time.

My only regret in this whole process is not having visited Sandstone sooner. After spending a decade in pain, I realize how much of a gift it is to live without it.

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