Do you ever look at your favorite elite athlete and think, “Wow! They must get really special care. If I could get care like that I’d be healthier, more active, lose more weight, insert your own goal here.”

Actually, you can.

At Sandstone Chiropractic, it doesn’t matter whether you are an elite athlete or a weekend warrior – or even a couch potato – the care is the same and you have the opportunity to have the same results across the board.

Yes, at Sandstone Chiropractic anyone can get the elite athlete treatment!

Family Medicine

Elite athletes understand that symptoms actually signal a bigger problem and most traditional medicine only treats the symptoms. They recognize the importance of getting to the root of the problem. That is what we do for them and what we’ll do for you. We encourage all of our patients to be active participants in their recovery and healthcare. After all, you know your body better than anyone.

Wellness and Weight Management

General healthcare services that range from annual wellness exams to weight management to nutritional and lifestyle counseling are available to athletes and the Average Joe alike. Want to get the weight management help that was once exclusive to competitive athletes? Well, now you can.


You don’t have to be a top-notch athlete to sustain an injury that sends you to the sidelines. Every day we work with people, helping them rebuild and repair their bodies. It doesn’t matter whether they are a football pro who sustained an injury in a game, or a regular guy who was involved in an accident at home. Both receive the same level of treatment and the same opportunity for rehab.


Many athletes have chiropractors on their healthcare team and for good reason. Chiropractic goes far beyond the typical aching back. It can actually be used to treat a number of health conditions, including migraine and digestive issues as well as mobility issues. Our chiropractors are available to all of our patients which ensures that you will get the same great care as any elite athlete who visits our clinics.

Regenerative Medicine

Many of our athletic patients reap the benefits of our regenerative medicine services. This treatment concentrates biological cells or cell products directly to an area of the body that is injured or diseased to stimulate healing. In short, it optimizes the body’s natural ability to heal itself. There are many different applications depending on the condition being treated.  Individuals with orthopedic issues are prime candidates for this therapy but we also work with people with more aesthetic endeavors like facial rejuvenation and hair restoration.


Neurological issues can affect a person in a variety of ways. Depression, migraine, chronic pain, anxiety, addiction, ADHD, and other issues are all linked to brain function. Anyone can experience these conditions and at Sandstone Chiropractic, anyone can enjoy the benefits of our Neurofeedback therapy. It is important to note that the Sandstone Center for Neurofeedback does not make any diagnoses for medical conditions, but this groundbreaking therapy has a long history of being very effective for helping people through this medication-free, nonmedical, non-invasive program. 

You don’t have to be an elite athlete to get the elite athlete treatment. Contact Sandstone Chiropractic today and get the treatment that you deserve.