Mandi Sachs

Doctor of Chiropractic, Webster Technique Certified


Mandi Sachs has deep roots in this community and a strong passion for delivering exceptional care and promoting wellness for patients of all ages. Her personal experiences as a former Highstepper at The Woodlands High School, where she dealt with dance injuries and chronic headaches, have given her a unique perspective as a patient.

In 2016, Mandi obtained her undergraduate degree in Health and Exercise Science from the University of Oklahoma. She continued her education at Parker University, where she earned her chiropractic degree in 2020. Mandi’s dedication to ongoing learning, coupled with her extensive knowledge, allows her to provide her patients with the highest level of care.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Mandi finds joy in reading books and spending quality time with her beloved cats and family. Her warm and compassionate approach, combined with her skillful techniques, sets the stage for a safe and nurturing environment at Sandstone. With her holistic focus and dedication to restoring your body’s natural balance, she is committed to helping you achieve optimal health and vitality.