Moving every 20 minutes can help decrease back pain.

While a day at work pays the bills, it can also take a big toll on your spine. Your back can become bombarded with aches, pain and agony that arise from two main activities that make up many workdays: commuting and computing.

Commuting can leave you crammed in a vehicle for extended stretches, while sitting at your desk all day working on your computer can cause even more problems. Don’t fret just yet. We here at Sandstone Chiropractic have a host of ways you can keep your back healthy and strong during the workday.

Get in proper driving position: Make sure your car seat as at a comfortable height. Then sit back, aligning your ears with your shoulders and using your headrest to support your head. If possible, use supportive armrests to reduce the stress on the rest of your body.

Stretch before and after your commute: Take a few minutes to stretch before and after your ride to work, whether you’re                   Moving every 20 minutes can help            driving or on public transportation. Stretching helps to reduce muscle tension and alleviate anxiety that can build up with                        decrease back pain.                                      stressful commutes.

Tame the tension: Stressful commutes can also induce tons of tension, especially during rush hour. Since tension most often affects the neck and back, try shrugging your shoulders when stopped at a red light.

Reduce even more tension during your drive with proper lumbar support. If your seat isn’t comfy, try a small pillow, rolled-up sweatshirt or towel placed between the small of your back and the seat.

Compute with care: Sitting at your desk all day gives your back a real beating. Proper lumbar support is again essential, as is proper posture. When sitting, keep your feet planted firmly on the floor and your keyboard and monitor at ideal heights.

Getting up and moving around every 20 minutes or so can also help, giving your body and mind a much-needed refresher in between all that sitting.

Mind your spine: One more tip is to keep you spine in tip-top shape with regular chiropractic care. Routine adjustments can help your back withstand the demands of all that commuting and computing.

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