The only thing better than reclaiming your health after an illness or injury is preventing a health problem in the first place. Here’s why we believe Regenerative Medicine and Family Medicine are two sides of the same coin.

Sick Visits and Same Day Appointments are necessary.

Your long-term prognosis will almost always be better if you address an illness or injury right when it happens. That is why we offer sick visits and same day appointments to address your health concerns immediately.

These staples of every medical practice will always serve a vital purpose to our patients.

COVID testing is a part of our new normal.

As kids go back to school and adults go back to work, periodic and regular COVID testing will be a part of our lives for the foreseeable future.

If we can detect the virus early, we can stop its spread to our friends and loved ones. Diagnosing COVID-19 early can also prevent some of the most worrisome, long-term problems associated with the virus. We will continue to offer COVID testing as long as necessary to support the ongoing health of our patients and the community.

Hormones don’t sleep.

Hormonal imbalances affect more than just your overall sense of well-being, they can affect every aspect of your life.

From your relationships to your work, from feelings of depression and anxiety to weight gain and sleeplessness, a hormonal imbalance wreaks havoc on your health. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has a regenerative effect on our patients’ bodies, minds, and relationships.

Most importantly, they can help you experience less fatigue, lose pesky belly fat, and feel more balanced.

Regenerative medicine is the way of the future.

The more we understand about cellular therapy, the more doors are opened for long-term resolution of health problems.

Arthritis and joint degeneration can be reversed with regular cellular therapy treatments. Hair loss can be a thing of the past. Facial rejuvenation is possible without looking “plastic.” As more cellular therapy applications are studied and approved, we will be on the front lines of those treatments offering our patients permanent solutions to problems they thought they would have to live with for the rest of their lives.

Wellness care is life care.

Remember how we said that same day appointments and sick visits are important in preventing long-term effects of illnesses?

Wellness care plays a vital role in life-long health. With regular visits to your health care partner, you can make small corrections in your daily habits that will yield long-term benefits. At Sandstone Family Medicine, we also offer wellness testing that unlocks the secrets in your genetic code. Armed with this information, we can create a customized plan that will help you stay healthy for life.

While it may seem strange to put family medicine and regenerative medicine together under one roof, having access to state-of-the-art wellness care, same day appointments, regenerative medicine, hormonal replacement therapy, and COVID testing actually makes perfect sense. Our goal is to help you maintain your overall health using all of the tools in our toolbox.

Let us help you discover the Sandstone difference. Call today or schedule your consultation online.