When a person embarks on the life-changing journey of improving their diet and becoming more physically active, they often make a list of things they need. Supportive Shoes? Done. Water Bottle? Check. Visit the chiropractor? (Silence.) The truth is, a person almost never considers visiting the chiropractor before starting a diet and exercise routine to lose weight and get stronger. Yet that may be precisely the place to start.

Rehabilitation Specialists Do More Than Help with Injury Recovery

Experts in the science of movement, rehabilitation specialists do more than treat injured athletes, they help people perform everyday movements in a way that prevents injuries from occurring. In fact, these professionals can help you start exercising, even if you have been largely sedentary before.

  • Learn how to improve your golf swing or tennis serve without aggravating your back.
  • Perform resistance exercises with proper form to protect your knees and hips.
  • Strengthen your body in efficient, effective ways.

Rather than viewing rehabilitation as injury recovery, think of it as rebuilding the body so it can be stronger than ever and able to function the way you want.

Strength Starts in Your Feet

Whether you walk, run, dance, or play sports, building strength requires a sure foundation. While it may seem odd at first, your feet are the key to how well your body responds to an exercise program. Even if you have never experienced pain in your joints while exercising before, anyone who is embarking on a journey to better health should have their feet scanned by a chiropractor to ensure they are wearing the proper footwear with the support they need. This painless process reveals how you stand, areas of pressure on your feet and ways to mitigate injuries or pain in the knees, hips and back. If necessary, custom shoe inserts not only support the feet, they also improve posture and stabilize the joints that are most vulnerable to pain or injury during exercise.

Nutritional Counseling is Necessary

At any given time, there are more than 100 million “dieters” in the US. This group of people will generally start dieting four to five times a year, feeding a $20 billion weight loss industry. With so much conflicting information about what people should eat, when they should eat and in what quantities they should eat it, it is no wonder that 40 percent of people who begin a “diet” will quit after just seven days. Nutritional counseling can change all of that. With information and meal plans customized to your body, age and nutritional requirements, you can experience real, lasting weight loss with sustainable lifestyle changes to the way you eat. Regular face-to-face sessions combined with email and text support will teach you healthy recipes, ways to incorporate “superfoods” into your diet, and how your relationship with food is affecting the way you eat. Such behavioral changes naturally lead to more energy and life-long weight loss without the use of magic pills or the latest craze.

While it may seem outside of the norm, consulting with a chiropractor who not only provides spinal adjustment but also rehabilitation services, foot levelers and nutritional counseling can help you lose weight and become stronger. Fortunately, Sandstone Chiropractic offers this and more to their patients of every age. To learn more about how we can help you on your journey to better health, call Sandstone or schedule your comprehensive exam with x-rays online.