admin-ajax (1)Once upon a time, beds were used for sleeping. Now they’re used for eating, playing around with electronic gadgets and watching TV. The British Chiropractic Association says more than 50 percent of the population watches TV in bed before dozing off. And even more folks bring their electronic gadgets into bed with them, spending up to four hours staring at the screen.

While we here at Sandstone Chiropractic have nothing against eating in bed, provided you don’t mind crumbs in your sheets – we do have a few things to note about electronic gadgets and TV. Both can mess up your sleep.

The Problem

Using gadgets or watching TV in bed can leave you hunched up or lying in uncomfortable positions that wreak havoc on your body’s structure. Keep it up and you can end up with poor-quality sleep, a bad back, a sore neck and other spinal problems.

The light and noise from the TV is bad enough for impeding sleep. The light from the gadgets can be even worse. It’s been shown to simulate the brain, not a great thing at bedtime.

The Solution

If you must use a gadget or watch TV in bed, make sure your back is properly supported and the screen is at eye level. If you don’t necessarily have to use electronics in the bedroom, don’t. Make your bedroom a tech-free zone to see what happens.

We’ll bet better quality sleep is what happens – Call Sandstone or schedule your comprehensive exam with x-rays online if you need more help achieving it.