A busy, active life can sometimes leave you with a few aches and pains. When that pain finds its way into your back, it can take you out fast. It is estimated that around 65 million people in the United States experience back pain and 16 million U.S. adults report chronic back pain.

So, if your back hurts, you are not alone.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to relieve back pain and even prevent it. Here are our top tips for feeling better fast when your back hurts.

Get Some Back Friendly Shoes

Shoes matter. They really do. Your feet are your foundation, and your spine supports your core – most of your body’s weight. That’s a lot of pressure. Add to that carrying kids, bending and reaching, working in the yard, and all the other things you do in a day. Your back catches the brunt of it – and how much of that is spent with you on your feet? Good shoes make a difference. The American Chiropractic Association offers some tips for back-friendly footwear and the American Podiatric Medical Association has an extensive list of footwear they endorse.

If you aren’t ready to get new shoes, you can take a look at the shoes you have to shop for to find some that work. First, toss out your flip-flops. Most chiropractors agree that thong shoes, especially with flat, flimsy soles, are terrible for your back. Instead, look for good support, good fit (not too tight and not too loose), good cushion in the insole, and an orthotic insole with a deep, extra cushioned heel cup. If you aren’t sure, take a look at the shoes endorsed by the two organizations and go try on a few pairs. This will give you a good idea of what to look for in a great shoe.


Stretching helps keep your back muscles supple which improves your mobility and flexibility. It can also help improve your posture which is also great for relieving back pain. We’ve put some guidance on back stretches for pain relief. Stretching should be a regular part of your day.

You should do some stretching throughout the day, especially if you are having some pain and stiffness. Often, a person with back pain will stop all activity and stay in bed or sit in a chair without much or any movement. In most cases, this will make your back pain and stiffness worse. If you are having back pain, talk to your healthcare provider about doing some stretching and light activity. It may be just what the doctor ordered!

Do the Healthy Back Trifecta

Diet, exercise, and sleep. This is the trifecta for not only a healthy back but for a healthy life. Extra weight puts pressure on your lower back (that’s why many pregnant women wear a pregnancy girdle or pregnancy sling). Losing some weight will relieve that pressure on your back and you will be amazed at the difference. Exercise helps keep your back strong and supple so that it is less likely to be prone to injury, while sleep is vital for good spine health.

Your vertebrae are cushioned by discs that are filled with fluid. Throughout the day gravity causes your spine to compress those discs, causing the fluid to leak out. When you lie down and get good quality sleep, it allows your back to repair and those discs to refill. Of course, staying properly hydrated plays a large part in this as well.

Give Chiropractic a Try

In 2017, the American College of Physicians released their clinical practice guidelines suggesting that chiropractic care is a valid and recommended treatment option for chronic pain in the lower back. Today, several studies have confirmed that it is a reliable, effective treatment for back and neck pain as well as several other conditions.

At Sandstone Chiropractic we offer exceptional chiropractic care. Our doctors will work with you to find the best treatment for you. We will discuss our recommendations with you so that you can choose the type of care you want. In addition to spinal manipulation, your doctor may discuss lifestyle changes and offer steps you can take to take control of your health and participate fully in your healing.

Are you dealing with an aching, stressed back today? Make an appointment with one of our expert chiropractors and get the relief you need so you can get back to your life.