We love our patients in both our Montgomery and Magnolia clinics and we’ve been very pleased to see so many raving fans of Sandstone Chiropractic in the community. We really are different- come and see for yourself!

Video Transcript

When you get to my office you will come in. You will be greeted with a warm smile. You will fill out your paperwork on one of our iPads, and we will bring you back to our exam room to start our exam. We pride ourselves on having the most technologically advanced equipment, in addition to nicer facilities and also some of the warmest and nicest staff you will ever come in contact with.

Many of the things that we will do in our office is warrant to a lot of people when they come and they say look, I’ve never had something like this done before. It includes tomography. Tomography is a way that we can indirectly check the nervous system and how a spine may be affecting that. We do standard range of motion testing. We also take it a step beyond and look and do additional neurological tests beyond reflex testing. We’re going to check different parts of your brain to see how that may be contributing to some of your problems as well.

You will then be taken to our x-ray suite. In the x-ray suite we shoot digital x-rays, but then we take those digital x-rays and import those into a completely different program that will then show you exactly where your body is standing or sitting within a millimeter or a degree compared to what a normal person should be doing.

Once we have all of this information then we can determine whether or not you are a chiropractic case or do we need to make a referral. On your second visit you will come in, you will sit down with one of the doctors, we will spend about 30 minutes with you going through the test results and then develop a program of care that matches what your healthcare goals are going forward.

Hopefully we have taken some of the mystery out of your first chiropractic visit. We would be honored to be able to show you why Sandstone Chiropractic has so many raving fans in our community.

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